The Enchanted Inkpot Contest

Just popping in to announce a great contest I think all of you need to enter. The Enchanted Inkpot is having their second annual contest. And their prize is amazing. Please click on the following link and check it out.

For all of you unfamiliar with the Enchanted Inkpot, it is a collaborative blog sight of some of the hottest fantasy writers out their today. I hope to one day be a member myself…yes the dream is alive. So go…enter…win.


Is Lugan a looker?

It was recently suggested that I give details as to what Lugan looks like. And when I think back over Part One, the only description of Lugan is that he is tall.  I spend most of my descriptions on Saben. I know in my head what Lugan looks like. I actually found a piece of fan art done for Cassandra Clare’s Jace months back. I keep it close by when I write about Lugan. I don’t know if I should share it or not.

What is clear…I need to describe Lugan. I’ll definitely fix that in my next run through of Part One.

By the way, for those who have not read my past posts. An artist friend of mine is working on fan art for Lugan and Saben. She is very busy with portraits this time of year (holidays) but as soon as Lugan and Saben are finished I will post them for you.

Thanks Hasanki for your suggestions!

Book Suggestions

Just a quick add-on. I was asked this evening for book suggestions. I did a recent post about a few of my favorites, but I left off one of my new favorites. The Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon. It is her début novel. Cindy’s next book, Fury of the Phoenix, is out next year. Go take a peek at her website.


I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Eagle Creek Library, both librarians and readers. I appreciate all the help in improving The Cistine Medallion. I have learned so much from all my readers.

Tonight I met with the Eagle Creek Library Branch to discuss Part One of the Cistine Medallion. It was an interesting experience meeting my readers face to face instead of just reading email feedback/reviews. I got two positive reviews…one even dismissing worries I have had about the beginning of Part One. Unfortunately I got a not so great review from a reader that was not there. She sent vague notes stating words like too random, grammar and spell check. Unfortunately I have no idea where the story is random. I know this is one person’s view, but it’s still aggravating when I don’t know what I need to improve.

I look forward to future reviews…

More New Readers!!

I would like to welcome seven new readers from the Teen Advisory Board at Beaumont Library in Lexington, KY. I can’t wait to hear all you thoughts on Part One.

I spoke today about some of my favorite writers. I thought it would be a good idea to jot a few down.

Garth Nix: Start with Sabriel or Mister Monday

Kristen Cashore: Start with Graceling

Cassandra Clare: Start with City of Bones

Lauren Cate: Start with Fallen

Becca Fitzpatrick: Start with Hush Hush

Carrie Ryan: Start with Forest of Hands and Teeth

Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games

So there’s a few…enjoy!

New thoughts…

I’ve spent the entire week jotting down ideas for another book. I don’t know if it’s because I’m stuck with my current MS, or if I really just want to write something new for a change. Either way, I’m so excited about the new story. It has been in my head for about seventeen year, just simmering if you will. I don’t think I’ll start writing it just yet, because I promised myself I would finish Book One of the Cistine Medallion first.

Any way, all sorts of new ideas running wild in my head. This makes me a very happy person.



Wither by Lauren Destefano

Contest Alert!!

Hi Guys! You need to hop on over to Cindy Pon’s blog. I have recently read her début novel SILVER PHOENIX, and absolutely adored it! **Gentille, you’ll love this one** Cindy is having a fantastic contest to win a signed ARC (advanced reader copy) of WITHER by Lauren Destefano. You have to see the cover, it is amazing. So go, go now!

Books I’ve read this week…

I thought it might be fun if I shared what I’m reading. I try my best to stay current with what’s out there without letting it influence too much of what I’m writing. It can be difficult sometimes. I want my voice to stay true to me, but sometimes it’s fun to let alter egos jump in. This is what I read this week…

I just finished LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater. It was a quick fun read, but I enjoyed SHIVER better. I don’t know if it was the multiple first person voices. I liked it when it was just Sam and Grace. Still definitely worthy of your time.

I also read TORMENT by Lauren Kate. I really loved this one. I was immediately sucked right back into Luce’s life. It is interesting for me to read, because my next MS will deal with the reincarnations of my main character, Margaret. No angels,though.

Let me know what your reading…

The Cistine Medallion gets a face…

Super cool news…a few artist friends of mine will attempt to sketch what they think Lugan, Saben and the Cistine Medallion look like. I can’t wait. I will post here as soon as they are finished.

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