New Directions

I have decided to use this blog to help me in my writing process. It may be helpful, then again it could just be a time consumer. I chose to be positive.

I have seven very fabulous readers. They are helpful, never afraid to speak their minds, and catch mistakes my adults zip right pass. I thought it might be fun for them to have a place to talk. To see if the agree or disagree about comments made on my book.  Again this could blow up in my face.

The first topic of conversation is when would you like to find out Saben is in deed female. Some think it is too soon, they’d like it happen later in the story. So let me have it, what do you think.


1 Comment

  1. gentille said,

    July 13, 2010 at 7:08 am

    hi marci it’s gentille, i want to say that you should have saben remove her hood during the boat ride making lugan suprised to find a girl instead of lukus’s sound alike… love the story it’s awesome

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