Is Lugan a looker?

It was recently suggested that I give details as to what Lugan looks like. And when I think back over Part One, the only description of Lugan is that he is tall.  I spend most of my descriptions on Saben. I know in my head what Lugan looks like. I actually found a piece of fan art done for Cassandra Clare’s Jace months back. I keep it close by when I write about Lugan. I don’t know if I should share it or not.

What is clear…I need to describe Lugan. I’ll definitely fix that in my next run through of Part One.

By the way, for those who have not read my past posts. An artist friend of mine is working on fan art for Lugan and Saben. She is very busy with portraits this time of year (holidays) but as soon as Lugan and Saben are finished I will post them for you.

Thanks Hasanki for your suggestions!


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