Is Lugan a looker?

It was recently suggested that I give details as to what Lugan looks like. And when I think back over Part One, the only description of Lugan is that he is tall.  I spend most of my descriptions on Saben. I know in my head what Lugan looks like. I actually found a piece of fan art done for Cassandra Clare’s Jace months back. I keep it close by when I write about Lugan. I don’t know if I should share it or not.

What is clear…I need to describe Lugan. I’ll definitely fix that in my next run through of Part One.

By the way, for those who have not read my past posts. An artist friend of mine is working on fan art for Lugan and Saben. She is very busy with portraits this time of year (holidays) but as soon as Lugan and Saben are finished I will post them for you.

Thanks Hasanki for your suggestions!



I would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Eagle Creek Library, both librarians and readers. I appreciate all the help in improving The Cistine Medallion. I have learned so much from all my readers.

Tonight I met with the Eagle Creek Library Branch to discuss Part One of the Cistine Medallion. It was an interesting experience meeting my readers face to face instead of just reading email feedback/reviews. I got two positive reviews…one even dismissing worries I have had about the beginning of Part One. Unfortunately I got a not so great review from a reader that was not there. She sent vague notes stating words like too random, grammar and spell check. Unfortunately I have no idea where the story is random. I know this is one person’s view, but it’s still aggravating when I don’t know what I need to improve.

I look forward to future reviews…

More New Readers!!

I would like to welcome seven new readers from the Teen Advisory Board at Beaumont Library in Lexington, KY. I can’t wait to hear all you thoughts on Part One.

I spoke today about some of my favorite writers. I thought it would be a good idea to jot a few down.

Garth Nix: Start with Sabriel or Mister Monday

Kristen Cashore: Start with Graceling

Cassandra Clare: Start with City of Bones

Lauren Cate: Start with Fallen

Becca Fitzpatrick: Start with Hush Hush

Carrie Ryan: Start with Forest of Hands and Teeth

Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games

So there’s a few…enjoy!

The Cistine Medallion gets a face…

Super cool news…a few artist friends of mine will attempt to sketch what they think Lugan, Saben and the Cistine Medallion look like. I can’t wait. I will post here as soon as they are finished.

I’m back!!!

I would first like to welcome my four new readers from the Eagle Creek Library’s Pizza & Paperback reading group. They were very gracious to listen to me stammer on this evening.

Ok, back to business. I am so very sorry for being out of the loop for the past moth or so…I have been very busy working on Part Four. It has been a bit pesky, taking all sorts of wild turns I did not see coming. Any hoo, I promise to be back on track and more vocal.

As per the contest, I came up with a name in a dream and had to go with it. I feel that if my brain was thinking so strongly about renaming Lukus while I slept, then it must be right. Besides, Charles (Lukus’ new name) was my grandfather’s name. BUT, being that Sara and Gentille were the only two to officially responded on the blog (Erica I still love you!) I will honor both of them as winners. If you will e-mail me your addresses I will send you a copy of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare or Fallen by Lauren Kate. 

Off to write…



I feel like I am finally at the point where I can step away from the first half of my book and work on revisions for the second half..the infamous Part Four. I was beginning to think I was never going to get there, but with the help of some really great beta readers I am finally ready. I think they deserve a shout out. Freckles, Sarah T, Gentille & Erica (@ericawrites on Twitter…she’s the best Twitter buddy a gal can have. You should follow her).  Also great thanks should go out to Tara Welch for editing my grammar… And Mark Wood, for his endless supply of helpful hints that spark the imagination (He’s responsible for Saben’s creation).

Now, I have not forgotten about the contest. I will pick names soon. I have 5 new readers that just started from Part One and I would like to give them the chance to play along. I figure the more names given the better the odds of finding a great one. On that note, think of one syllable names from this point on.

Alright, enough playing around…it’s time to start Part Four. And because Part Four is so long (it’s the entire second half of the book) I will be sending it out two chapters at a time. Most likely beginning next Monday, Aug 2nd.

As always, thanks so much for all your help. Gentille your comments were spot on!

Give Lukus a New Name

I would like to reward my Beta Readers by having a contest. This is where you turn cartwheels and do the Snoopy Dance. As I revise The Cistine Medallion I have come across many Lugan/Lukus name switches. I am tired of fixing my mistakes, therefore I am leaving it up to you guys to give Lukus a new name. Once everyone has had a chance to give their name, I will narrow it down to two. I will then turn it over to you to choose the winner. The name with the most votes wins.

What prize shall I give… Of course if, no when the book is published, I will of course give proper credit for naming new Lukus, and…hmmmm…what else. Drum roll, please. You win a copy of The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, my new favorite. I suggest you read The Mortal Instrument series if you haven’t already.

Ican’t wait to hear your ideas.

New Directions

I have decided to use this blog to help me in my writing process. It may be helpful, then again it could just be a time consumer. I chose to be positive.

I have seven very fabulous readers. They are helpful, never afraid to speak their minds, and catch mistakes my adults zip right pass. I thought it might be fun for them to have a place to talk. To see if the agree or disagree about comments made on my book.  Again this could blow up in my face.

The first topic of conversation is when would you like to find out Saben is in deed female. Some think it is too soon, they’d like it happen later in the story. So let me have it, what do you think.