New thoughts…

I’ve spent the entire week jotting down ideas for another book. I don’t know if it’s because I’m stuck with my current MS, or if I really just want to write something new for a change. Either way, I’m so excited about the new story. It has been in my head for about seventeen year, just simmering if you will. I don’t think I’ll start writing it just yet, because I promised myself I would finish Book One of the Cistine Medallion first.

Any way, all sorts of new ideas running wild in my head. This makes me a very happy person.




Wither by Lauren Destefano

Books I’ve read this week…

I thought it might be fun if I shared what I’m reading. I try my best to stay current with what’s out there without letting it influence too much of what I’m writing. It can be difficult sometimes. I want my voice to stay true to me, but sometimes it’s fun to let alter egos jump in. This is what I read this week…

I just finished LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater. It was a quick fun read, but I enjoyed SHIVER better. I don’t know if it was the multiple first person voices. I liked it when it was just Sam and Grace. Still definitely worthy of your time.

I also read TORMENT by Lauren Kate. I really loved this one. I was immediately sucked right back into Luce’s life. It is interesting for me to read, because my next MS will deal with the reincarnations of my main character, Margaret. No angels,though.

Let me know what your reading…


I am about to embark on a new adventure involving me WIP. Sadly I must cut one of my favorite scenes/chapter. On a good note I get to add a new character that will tie in my second book and make everything flow. I see the good, but I also don’t wish to send a good scene to the I can’t use you graveyard. Good bye chapter two…I will always love you.


Finally, I have managed to make my blog a little less ordinary. Thanks guys for all those helpful hints. Some of us, not saying me, take a little longer than other to get acclimated.

That is it for now…


This will be simple a sweet. I want a Gravatar! I can’t seem to add one.  I feel left out and irritated. That’s all.

Yet more snow…

I find it odd that the last entry I made was on the last snow day we had a few weeks back. 

Today I shoveled the driveway, front walk and a place for sixteen year old babysitter to park.  I know some will find this odd but I have never shoveled snow before, and I’ll be honest, I never wish to do it again.  It makes me feel how out of shape I am.  It also makes me feel freakishly old. 

Four teenage boys walked by with shovels as I dug my way out. ( We just don’t get snow like this here in the Bluegrass State…and I actually borrowed my neighbor’s shovel.) My inner voice screamed out for the boys to shovel my drive for me, but my OCD brained chirped back, “they will never get it how you want it.  AND then you will be out there after they leave fixing it all because you will not be able to stand the imperfect lines they will leave.” And yes OCD brain was right as always.

This makes me wonder if I will ever be able to send out that first query letter?  I will always find imperfections.  I will always find something else I know I can make better.  AND I will always find more grammatical errors that I have left behind. (Did not find out that I was a bit dyslexic until after I graduated from high school.  SO English &  Lit classes were always dreaded hells on Earth for me…needless to say I missed a few rules here and there.  I learn something new every day and feel a little less self-conscience.

Any hoo I will now attempt to drive the KIA out into the white beyond in order to cheer on the UK Wildcats.  GO BIG BLUE!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Snow Day

Today was our second snow day this week.  I have to admit I am a big giant buzz kill when it comes to snow days.  I wish we had a floo system like they do for Harry Potter.  I would send Monk straight into a fireplace and off to school without a second thought. 

The problem here in the fabulous Bluegrass State is that we do not see much wintery precipitation, so at the slightest sign of snow everyone forgets how to drive and a multitude of accidents occur.  So we get a snow day…

Today Monk went to work with me, as he did yesterday.  I am a server/bartender.  The people I work for are great and don’t mind that he tags along, for I have raised him well and have threatened him with the loss of video games if he chooses to misbehave. 

Monk decided yesterday and continued on today that he wanted to understand EVERY aspect of my job.  Therefore doing everything possible to be up in my business.  Just imagine having a mini-me version of yourself running in step with you all day long.  I love his curiosity but for the love of God and all things big and small i need to do my menial tasks in peace. 

Needless to say Monk had a busy day.  By the end of it he learned how to make the perfect milk-shake, washed a few dishes, made friends with my fabulous and patient regulars, met and shook hands with our states Lt. Governor, met a man that does commercials for a local car dealership, learned to figure the square root of a number and tried on new uniform shirts we will soon be wearing…can someone say nap time. 

I can only pray that by Monday all will be better here in the Bluegrass State and it’s children will all be back in school.


Today I seem to being finding every excuse in the world not to continue revisions on THE CISTINE MEDALLION: THE GREAT PROPHECY.  My latest is that I am cold.  Yes I am cold but if I really wished to attack my problem head on I would.  I’m scared I guess, I do not know how to move forward. 

I lovely Twitter pal @EricaWrites took time over the holiday season to critique the first twelve chapters of my WIP for me.  It was a great critique, she did not hold back.  She allowed me to see the things that I NEED TO ADDRESS AND FIX.  Today I am having difficulty with “showing not telling” in certain areas.  Unfortunately the most of my “telling” mishaps occur in Chapter One. AGH!!!!

I realize it is not for lack of wanting to improve myself, it’s just that it is hard to see where your “baby’s” flaws are.  It is hard to see what you have done wrong to raise your “baby”.  Tough love is what it comes down to.  I just need to hunker down and help myself get rid of old bad habits and learn a few new tricks. 

The great thing about @EricaWrites’ critique is she showed me when I did “show” well.  So I know I have it in me to do this.  Maybe I just need to learn from myself…

Off to write now…happy writing to all!

Fourth Times the Charm

I feel as if I have nothing of worth to write about at times, at least when it comes to keeping a blog.  This is my fourth blog.  My first two ran simultaneously.  One was about my child and all the cute things he did when he was two and three, and of course my trials and errors as I attempted to keep up with him.  The second blog was simply bleeps that a guy I worked with said.  He was a filthy, disgusting pig.  I would jot down things he said in the course of a week and then publish them in the blog on Mondays. 

Sadly the second blog had the following.  My sweet blog had a few loyal followers but Mike Burke, that’s his name, got the following.  They simply couldn’t wait until I posted, sometimes calling me on my cell asking when I would get around to posting.  Sad, very sad for my son was really sweet. (He’s a smelly not-so-little boy now.)

My third blog was a complete and total failure.  I simply let it die of neglect.  So here we are at number four.  I want to be positive, I want to let this one survive.  The first two are floating out there in blog world with an old email address and passwords I can no longer remember. 

So here is the inaugural blog post…a blurting of words about failed blogs of the past.  Hopefully the next post will be of something intelligent and/or interesting.